German Specialist Ozone Center

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The Ozone

Ozone (O3), or trioxygen, is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms and it has excellent therapeutic properties & uses. It can help to improve the immune system, detox and cleanse the lymph system.

The Ozone Therapy

A well-established form of alternative and complementary medical therapy. Ozone therapy is widely used in disinfecting infected wounds, as well as in bacterially and virally produced diseases.

The Ozone Sauna

Our ozone sauna manual safety section provides information on how to use ozone sauna therapy safely and effectively, and provides information on the specific effects of ozone sauna therapy.

Ozone therapy has no side effects if it is used in a correct way and by a specialist Ozone therapist..!

Dr. Aziz ,Director of German Specialist Ozone Center


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